About Us

The Mundubbera Blueberry Festival celebrates cultural expression, diversity, and audience engagement, while also contributing to the local economy. Our biennial 2-day event has 4 major components including a food event, an artisan market, a music concert, and a Local Talent Quest. The objective of the Blueberry Festival is to promote arts and culture, foster community engagement, support local businesses, and provide a platform for showcasing local talent. 


Our Locavore 4626 Dinner will be a culinary experience that not only delights the taste buds but also supports local farmers, promotes sustainability, and celebrates the unique flavours and traditions of the North Burnett region. Using locally sourced food provides an opportunity for guests to connect with our local farming community and fosters a sense of appreciation for the local food system. 


Our Berry Big Day Out artisan markets is a vibrant and diverse gathering of local artists, craftspeople, and cultural practitioners. Prioritising inclusivity and diversity, our market day will feature artists from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives and provide a platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their work and connect with audiences. Our markets actively engage with the local community, inviting schools, community groups, and cultural organizations to participate. Attracting a diverse range of visitors, the markets will also engage the audience through interactive experiences, such as live performances, workshops, and demonstrations. 


Our Blueberry Jam Sesh prioritiaes accessibility and is an inclusive and diverse music concert that showcases a range of musical genres and styles. Featuring First Nations artists in a storytelling and cultural exchange at the opening, to hearing from the best local talent and finishing up with a great lineup of Australian artists and talent, this event is the Grand Finale and marks the end of the festival.